One of our core values is storytelling. We use storytelling to fight hunger, food security, livelihoods, education, and fundamental human rights. Help us tell the story of K'nyaw Poe, our history, culture, identity, and traditions. We believe storytelling is important because it's the voice that will bring positive changes to the world we hope to be in.


It is a vital part of our work to raise awareness that helps displaced K'nyaw Poe affected by the ongoing civil war. We encourage K'nyaw Poe to use their platforms to create change in Kaw Thoo Lei . We use advocacy to be the voice for the voiceless and ensure the protection of K'nyaw Poe in need.


I AM KNYAW is helping K'nyaw Poe in Western countries to embrace their culture, traditions, history, and the people through annual trips back home, Kaw Thoo Lei. Knowing our langauge, history, and cultures equips us with the tools to become active, informed, and engaged global K'nyaw Poe.

Join us at our Next Event!

Join us for an exciting upcoming event – a basketball tournament dedicated to the vibrant youth of the Knyaw and Chin communities! Registration is now open, and we invite all enthusiastic players to be part of this thrilling competition. Don't miss the chance to showcase your skills and build lasting connections in a spirited atmosphere. Secure your spot now by registering for the tournament and be a part of an unforgettable experience. Let the ball games begin!