• Children & Education

    The prevailing civil war in present-day Burma is casting a shadow over the destinies of entire generations of children. With education out of reach, a legacy of conflict threatens to rob these young souls of their potential to uplift their communities, leaving many with fractured learning paths. Our unwavering commitment rests in upholding education amidst turmoil, ensuring that every child's right to invaluable learning resources remains inviolable. Together, let's illuminate the path of knowledge even in the face of adversity.

  • Food Supplies

    Be a beacon of support: Join us in extending nourishment to our Knyaw Poe brethren in Kaw Thoo Lei. Your contribution holds the power to amplify the efforts of I AM KNYAW, channeling vital food provisions to the frontlines where it's needed most, spanning conflict zones and other critical areas. Through steadfast collaboration with Knyaw Poe in these very zones, I AM KNYAW is fostering food security via sustainable agriculture and livestock farming. Your involvement can make a lasting difference.

  • Leadership Development

    We champion the power of exceptional leaders who inspire, motivate, and serve as beacons of positive change in the world. Recognizing the profound impact, we're committed to fostering these qualities within the Knyaw Poe community. Our investment is dedicated to equipping Knyaw Poe youth with transformative training, nurturing the emergence of a new generation poised to lead and ignite change in Kaw Thoo Lei.