Our Team:

Our organization is blessed with a diverse and passionate group, united by a common goal: making a positive impact for our K'Nyaw people. Get to know the faces behind our mission, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table.

Our Co-Directors:

Introducing the incredible co-directors Shakerpaw Wah and Honey Moon. These Individuals have been the driving force behind I AM KNYAW since the beginning.

With unwavering dedication and a passion for making a positive impact, these two individuals have played pivotal roles in shaping the vision and success of our organization.

Their leadership has been instrumental in fostering a sense of community, inclusivity, and empowerment within the K'Nyaw communities. Through their strategic guidance and tireless efforts, I AM KNYAW has flourished, touching the lives of many.

Left: Shakerpaw Wah

Right: Honey Moon