2023 Thailand Art Competition Arts

IAMKNYAW Thailand Competition Arts 2023

IAMKNYAW is thrilled to present our very first art competition, designed to showcase the artistic talents and dedication of Knyaw Poe artists in Thailand. Below, you'll find artworks from our 14 talented competitors. Your engagement, by voting and leaving comments with the artist's name, is essential in celebrating the vibrant artistry of Thailand's Knyaw Poe community. Take a moment to explore these fantastic creations and be a part of this exciting event. Please support these talented artists by voting for their respective art in the feedback section. 

















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I appreciate Saw Chay’s artwork! The colors skillfully symbolize the present state of Kawthoolei, blending deep shades of red and darkness. At the forefront, the Knyaw Flag boldly emerges, representing the resilience of Knyaw Poe amidst challenging and tumultuous times.

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